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The Scarboro library is located on the 2nd level of the building. Everyone is invited to browse, sit and sign out books and other reading materials from the library. Bring your coffee along -- or even better, make yourself a cup in the church kitchen!

The following are the subject categories for the books. Click on one of the subjects to see the books for that category. Aboriginal Studies (5), Audio cassette (1), Bible & Biblical Studies (17), Bible and Biblical Studies (135), Biblical Drama (5), Biography (27), Children (41), Christian Development (26), Church History (17), Church Life (15), Church Policy (4), Compact Disk (1), Comparative Religions (32), Death and Grief (20), Developing Countries (13), Devotional (37), Ecology (3), Economics (3), Enneagram (16), Ennegream (1), Ethics & Justice (2), Ethics and Justice (22), Fiction (3), Health Care (3), Human Sexuality (1), Humour (1), Mental Health (2), Ministry (9), Mission and Service (2), Multiculturalism (1), Parenting (10), Peace and Conflict (8), Personal Growth (5), Poetry (2), Politics (16), Poverty (5), Prayer (1), Psychology (1), Reference (7), Sermons (1), Spirituality (7), Stewardship (5), Technology (2), Theology (16), Video (4), Women's Studies (19), You can also use the search form included below to also find books of interest.
Title Author Subject
All the Women of the Bible Lockyer, Herbert Women's Studies
Braided Streams Bankson, Marjory Women's Studies
Braided Streams Bankson, Marjory Zoet Women's Studies
Crumbs Are Not Enough Women's Studies
Eve's Returns Adam's Rib Sutcliffe, Eileen Women's Studies
Feminine Face of God, The Anderson, Sherry Ruth Women's Studies
Gossip Crnkovick, Mary Women's Studies
Images of Ourselves Canadian Ecumenical Decad Women's Studies
In Memory of Her Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schus Women's Studies
Jubilee Time Harris, Maria Women's Studies
Naomi's Daughters Huntly, Alyson C. Women's Studies
New Creation Halkes, Catharina Women's Studies
Seasons of Friendship Bankson, Marjory Women's Studies
Woman to Woman Cooper, Jeannette M. Women's Studies
Women at the Well Fischer, Kathleen Women's Studies
Women of the Forest Orson, Linda J. Women's Studies
Women who Run with the Wolves Estes, Clarissa Women's Studies
Swallow's Nest Rienstra, Marchiene Vroon Women's Studies
Miriam Mary and Me Wilson, Lois Miriam Women's Studies

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